Changi Airport Group subsidiary has launched its MVNO in Singapore

Changi Airport Group subsidiary has launched its MVNO Changi Mobile in Singapore

The MVNO, Changi Mobile is part of Changi Recommends (Changi Travel Services Pte Ltd), a subsidiary of Changi Airport Group.

Established in 2012, Changi Recommends travel services and deals caters to business and leisure travelers in Singapore with an extensive range of travel relevant services – be it Wi-Fi router rent service, Wi-Fi access, Overseas SIM cards, Hotel and Attraction deals or Travel insurance.

Changi Mobile outlets are the same as Changi Recommends booths, which are located in the public areas of all three terminals within Singapore Changi Airport.

Changi Mobile’s entry, follows the launch of the MVNO Gorilla Mobile, who soft launched its services in mid-June 2021 – taking the numbers of MVNOs to ten, in the island city-state of 5.7 million.

Changi Mobile Packages

Changi Mobile offers four main packages named Flexi Value, Best, Pro and Ultra to end-users. There is also one add-on data only package for second devices.

1 Singapore Dollar (S$1) = USD 0.74

The cheapest plan on offer is its VALUE plan with a promotion price of S$8 per month (normal price S$18). It comes with 8GB data, 200 minutes voice calls and 200 SMS. However the VALUE package is only available to seniors above 60, students, National Servicemen (NSF) and Disability Registry (DDR) ID card holders.

A plan, available to all is named the BEST plan. The promo price is S$15 per month (Normal price S$25), which gives you 40GB data, 300 minutes of voice calls and 300 SMS.

The ULTRA plan, tops the line with 100GB of data, 800 minutes of voice and 800 SMS for S$35 per month (Normal price S$45)

The Flexi Data plan is a data only plan for second devices (mobile, tablet, Portable Wi-Fi, etc.) it comes with 50GB for S$20.

Corporate Plans

Five Corporate plans and one Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) are also available – ranging from S$15 for 20GB to S$75 for 150GB for the Corporate plans which all include 1000 minutes voice and 400 SMS.

The Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) plan is priced at S$15 for 40GB, 400 minutes voice and 400 SMS.

Changi Go Mobile App

The MVNO’s mobile plans are available as no-contract plans and include a recurring payment for every month bill cycle on the credit/debit card that is stored with the Changi Go mobile app.

MVNO Changi Mobile Go App
The Changi Go Mobile App

The SIM only plans allows users to upgrade or downgrade their mobile plan, add more data, voice or SMS. Users can also save unused data to be rolled over for use in the next month*

*Free 1 month data rollover promotion is valid until 31st December 2021, and is capped at maximum of 50GB rollover of unused data.

To use roaming overseas users will need to purchase a Changi Mobile Roaming Add-on Bundle, available via the Changi Go mobile app. Roaming is currently only available for overseas Data Roaming and does not support Overseas to Local calls, International calls, Overseas to Local SMS or International SMS.

Ten MVNOs on three MNOs

Changi Mobile is leasing network access from the mobile operator M1 in Singapore.

MVNOs on M1’s NetworkMVNO’s on Singtel’s NetworkMVNO’s on Starhub’s Network
  • Circles Life
  • My Republic
  • Geenet Mobile
  • Gorilla Mobile
  • Changi Mobile
  • Zero 1
  • ZYM Mobile
  • CMLink SG (China Mobile)
  • Grid Mobile (Closed)
  • redOne
Author: Allan Rasmussen
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