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The MVNO IEC3G quietly resurrects as Tron IEC3G

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IEC3G is now Tron IEC3G IEC3G is now Tron IEC3G Yozzo
In 2013, International Engineering Company PCL (IEC) was looking to offload its MVNO IEC3G and in March 2014, 100.00% of the registered and paid-up capital held in the MVNO was sold to Tron (Thailand) Co., Ltd for THB 11,714,400.

Tron (Thailand) Co.,Ltd is a company held by the Thai Process Agent Co.,Ltd with 51% of the shares, and Talk Focus Sdn. Bhd with 49%

Talk Focus Sdn. Bhd is the Malaysian company running Tron, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Malaysia, using the network of DiGi Malaysia Telecommunication. Tron Malaysia officially launched as MVNO in December 2011, serving the market of gen-X and gen-Y in Malaysia.

Prior to selling the MVNO, IEC3G had approximately 8,000 active subscriber. The initial goal for the MVNO was 300,000 3G subscribers during the first six months of operation. International Engineering Company PCL reportedly spent THB 50 million (U$1,560,000) on service development.

Recently the new name “Tron IEC3G” has started to appear on the twitter account of IEC3G.

IEC3G Tron twitter

As well as on the IEC3G website

IEC3G website

Although the web address, is up and running it seems to reuse the information from the Malaysian Tron site, e.g. redress your complaints to the Consumer Forum Malaysia (CFM)

IEC3G was one of the initial first five MVNO’s to be granted a MVNO license in Thailand operating on the network of TOT Public Company Limited.


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