The full MVNO is responsible for the whole operation, customers, and data, giving it full control over all the services and products it offers in the market, as well as flexibility in designing and deploying new services. The mobile network operator (MNO) supplies the network access.

A full MVNO operates (technically, not businesswise) in a similar way to a mobile network operator (MNO), but without their own spectrum and network.

  • Its own SIM cards,
  • Own numbering ranges,
  • Home Location Register (HLR),
  • Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN),
  • Short Message Service Centre (SMSC),
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMSC),
  • Gateway Mobile Switching Centre (GMSC),
  • Own roaming and interconnect agreements,
  • Owning the network-switching infrastructure,
  • Set tariff bundles and packages independently,
  • Complete customer ownership and relationship,
  • Focus on addressing a particular niche or segment,
  • Upsell own or partner services as value added services (VAS),
  • Access to big data (user usage data) to better address the needs and wants,
  • Use the MVNO to capture share in the mobile market and generate telecoms revenues,
  • Uplift to an existing core business (bundles) and obtain more control and independency from telcos.
  • Costs on OPEX and CAPEX associated with the needed IT platforms.
  • Needs a certain level of telecom knowhow and understanding.
Operational Model / MVNO Architecture
MVNO Business Model (Full MVNO)
  • Revenues: from traffic of its own customers and revenues from incoming traffic (Off Net)
  • Costs: Wholesale rates, marketing, sales, distribution, OPEX and CAPEX associated to the IT platforms.
  • Wholesale rates may vary with the type of Voice/Data/SMS/MMS e.g. On Net or Off Net, National or International (Origin/destination).

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