KISA brings accessible mobile phones and MVNO services to the UK

The KISA phone is a made to order. It has no touch screen, services and phone numbers are assigned to large mechanical buttons.

The Australian health-tech company, Keep it Simple Always (KISA), has launched its KISA phone and MVNO service in the UK with an investment of £6.1M. It is targeting elderly, children and people with disabilities.

The KISA phone is a made to order and is designed to make mobile technology accessible to those who have difficulty using mainstream touchscreen devices.

Services and phone numbers are assigned to large mechanical buttons, there is no touch screen. It has loud audio, SOS button, GPS tracking in case of emergencies and an unlimited monthly mobile plan is available.

MVNO service in UK, EU and North America

The next chapter in KISA’s journey is focused on two main areas – expanding KISA globally and R&D of new services.

To expand its global reach, KISA will launch local mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) services in the UK, Europe and North America and establish local distribution and fulfilment for its phones.

The second area is new product development. The team has ideas for a range of products and services designed to reduce the burden on the public health system and the NHS while providing care and assistance to vulnerable customers.

In conjunction with the community

KISA was founded in 2013, as a Melbourne-based technology company by three entrepreneurs who were struggling to find a simple mobile phone solution for their family members.

The first phone was designed in conjunction with the community and several major associations including those supporting the disabled and visually impaired.

Today KISA is on its fourth generation of the phone.

Looking for partners to raise awareness and co-create

Kisa is looking to connect organisations working with vulnerable groups and their carers. The objective is to introduce the company and raise awareness of the benefits of KISA services.

You can contact them here:

What is KISA Phone?

Author: Allan Rasmussen
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