Has Lycamobile registered in Thailand and obtained a MVNO license?

Laika, Leica or Lyca Mobile?

Thailand’s telecom regulator, NBTC has issued its 44th MVNO license to บริษัท ไลก้า โมบายล์ (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด, which either translates into Laika, Leica – or Lycamobile Thailand.

The company limited was registered, as recently as 19 January 2017, with a registered capital of just THB 1 million (U$28,700), to do business with telecommunications activities.

According to the company registration, the address of the MVNO is Soi Rarm Intra 65, Lane 2-4, Khwaeng Tha Raeng, Khet Bang Khen, 10220.

The Non Facilities Based “Thin” MVNO license issued from the NBTC, is valid from 27 February 2017 to 26 February 2022.

Thin MVNO License Lycamobile Thailand

We know that Lycamobile has been interested in the Thai market (as it is with other markets) and last year the state enterprise telco TOT announced it had been in talks with Lycamobile UK about MVNO collaboration.

However, TOT has since lost all its MVNOs except for Loxley’s iKool, and there currently isn’t any particular reason for Lycamobile to enter the Thai market with TOT as host operator, given its lack of MVNO understanding and network coverage.

The company mentioned, is registered with just 1 million THB which indicate it is a 100% Thai company, as there isn’t capital enough to allow work permit for foreigners. The address used for the company registration seems to be a home-office.

But then again, Lycamobile is known for running its business… let’s say different from the norm.

Lycamobile is however also known for the use of its “own” MVNE Plintron, as part of its operations, which would conflict with the Thin MVNO license received from the NBTC.

Author: Allan Rasmussen
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