Revenue streams and benefits with HbbTV

Revenue streams and benefits with HbbTV

In part one, “HbbTV Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV” we showed some example of the services available with HbbTV. However, HbbTV also works with advertising and enables broadcasters to provide additional advertising opportunities, and thus benefit from a range of new revenue streams.

In this Hyundai example (below) from German SevenONE Media (Sat 1, ProSieben and Kanal Eins) the “Red button” is shown during the normal Hyundai TV commercials, when the viewer push the red button on the remote control, a HbbTV “mini site” with further information e.g. dealer list, video, general information, becomes available on the screen.

HbbTV advertising example “Red button”

HbbTV advertising example Red button
In March 2014 the Hyundai mini site obtained 36.000 clicks whereas 680 daily clicks was via the red button on the TV commercial. 1.500 used the dealer search. These are some very impressive results, as this is a car commercial and not something you buy every day.

Other advertising placements are possible e.g. on the red button itself as a sponsor, or on the portal/service as banners. Pre-roll videos for video-on-demand or catch up services are also an option.

HbbTV advertising examples

HbbTV advertising examples

In this video from ProSieben’s (Germany) HbbTV you can see examples of banner advertisement and pre-roll ads


Only Broadcasting signal = user is not connected to the Internet


  • Banners.
  • Red button (Logo on red button).
  • Sponsors on portal or services.
  • Bundle package TV commercial + HbbTV®.

Additional revenue streams

  • Cooperation with Mobile Operator or ISP.
  • Provide content to second screen via push (revenue share).

Broadcasting signal + Internet connected


  • Pre-roll/Mid-roll/Post-roll video ads.
  • TV commercials with Red button (Mini site).
  • Freemium services.
  • Bundle package TV Commercial + HbbTV®+ Video.
  • Segmented advertising based on viewer profile.

Additional revenue streams

  • Video on demand, Music, Games and Over-the-top (OTT) service channels. Own service or in collaboration with partner (Commission on sales).
  • E-Commerce: Own online shopping service or in collaboration with partner (Commission on sale).
  • Cooperation with Mobile Operator or ISP: Provide content to second screen via push (revenue share).
  • White-label set-top box/devices with HbbTV: Provide devices with enhanced services instead of basic set-top boxes without HbbTV®.

There are wide ranges of benefits supporting the move to enable HbbTV, from various stakeholders, including consumer demand, broadcasters, regulators, print, telco’s, as well as pay-tv and cable operators.


  • Multi-device usage.
  • More content.
  • More control (non-linear).
  • New services such as VOD, Interactive TV, Radio, Information and more.


  • Interactive TV to attract consumers and retain viewers.
  • New forms of advertising and revenue stream.
  • More and better, precise user data so serve targeted services.
  • Financing set-top boxes: Turning a cost into a revenue stream.
  • Additional TV/Radio services.
  • Effective usage of resources: Re-use of content + extra material.
  • Opportunity for cooperation with telco’s to innovate/deliver OTT services.

Telecom Operators

  • Opportunity for co-operation with broadcasters to innovate/deliver OTT services.
    Interactive TV on mobile devices to retain subscribers.
    New forms of revenue stream.
    Pipeline for service delivery.
    Offload content to broadcasters.
    App and cloud services.

Print Media

  • Opportunity for co-operation with broadcasters to innovate/deliver services.
  • Revenue stream and subscribers retention.
  • Education, News and Entertainment services.


  • e-Government services.
  • Education.
  • Show leadership in adopting advanced consumer TV services.

Pay TV/Cable Operators

  • Take advantage of open standard to replace legacy middleware.
  • Support traditional value-add services for new revenue opportunities.
  • Leverage HbbTV® receivers (TV and set-top boxes) to deliver new services.

In the next part of this HbbTV series, we take a closer look at “HbbTV Devices, Growth, Footprint and Standards
In case you missed the first part, it is “Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV


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