Channel numbers assigned to Thailand’s new commercial digital TV operators

Channel numbers assigned to Thailand’s new commercial digital TV operators

The top winners from each category: Children, News, Variety SD and Variety HD was allowed to choose a channel number and network provider first, while the other bidders had their assigned.

The channel numbers for the 24 new Thai commercial digital terrestrial TV channels was selected or assigned as follows:

Category: Children and Family channels
  • Channel 13: BEC-Multimedia.
  • Channel 14: MCOT.
  • Channel 15: Thai TV.
Category: News channels
  • Channel 16: Thai News Network (TNN24).
  • Channel 17: Thai TV.
  • Channel 18: DN Broadcast (Dailynews).
  • Channel 19: Springnews TV.
  • Channel 20: 3A Marketing (Bright TV).
  • Channel 21: Voice TV.
  • Channel 22: NBC Next Vision (Nation TV).
Category: Variety SD channels
  • Channel 23: Thai Broadcast (Workpoint TV).
  • Channel 24: True DTT.
  • Channel 25: GMM SD Digital TV.
  • Channel 26: Bangkok Business Broadcasting.
  • Channel 27: RS Television.
  • Channel 28: BEC-Multimedia.
  • Channel 29: Mono Broadcast.
Category: Variety HD channels
  • Channel 30: MCOT.
  • Channel 31: GMM HD Digital TV
  • Channel 32: Thairath.
  • Channel 33: BEC-Multimedia.
  • Channel 34: Amarin Television.
  • Channel 35: BBTV Channel 7.
  • Channel 36: Bangkok Media and Broadcasting.


Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) will further award digital TV licenses for 12 public channels and 12 community-purpose channels later this year.

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