The MVNOs on Thailand’s second state enterprise telecom operator “CAT Telecom”, is apparently not doing as well as we thought, according to a late year statement from CAT Telecom’s president.
2016 started off with 39 MVNO licenses issued, and ended with 43. It was yet another year with zero MVNOs launched on AIS, DTAC and True, and still no updates from the regulator on promoting or supporting MVNOs.
Knowledge Group (KEG) is the 43rd company to receive a MVNO license in Thailand since the introduction of MVNOs to the market 6 years ago, however only 9 have launched, 7 are active.
Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has issued two more MVNO licenses. The two latest companies to receive MVNO licenses are:
During its 3-year anniversary celebrations the Malaysian MVNO Buzzme unveiled its ambition of transforming itself into a regional MVNO with Thailand as its next destination, under the slogan One World, One SIM Card.