Thai telecom newcomer Mobile LTE is getting ready to embark on a journey with a myriad of disruptive services, offering MVNO, FinTech, IoT, Smart Grid and LTE through old and new networks.
State enterprise telecom operator TOT and the mobile operator Advanced Info Service (AIS), is about to seal a 10-year deal which, would bring about a series of issues for the Thai telecom sector.
Saturday, 28 January 2017 22:21

Another TOT MVNO hangs up

Mojo, who provided 3G MVNO service under the brand name Mojo3G, has ended its resell agreement with TOT, becoming the fourth MVNO out of five, to cease MVNO operation on the state enterprise.
Earlier this week TOT meet with AIS, DTAC, True Corp, Mobile LTE and Tantawan Telecommunication for talks on TOTs plan for a 2300MHz partnership. However, the plan raise questions on the legality of the project.
End of 2016 TOT’s three MVNOs: i-Kool, Mojo3G, IEC3G/Buzzme and TOT itself, had a combined market share of just 0.18% representing 163,658 subscribers out of a total market size of 90,921,572.
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