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Mobile operators, State telcos and MVNO subscriber status in Thailand

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Status on mobile subscribers in Thailand Status on mobile subscribers in Thailand
Status on mobile subscribers in Thailand from the three private operators, AIS, DTAC, TRUE as well as the state enterprise telecom operators TOT, CAT Telecom and the three MVNOs in the market.


In 2Q20, AIS total mobile subscribers was 41,019,800, decreasing -0.3% QoQ and -1.1% YoY. The prepaid segment saw a decline of -531,900 to end on a total of 31,483,400. In the postpaid segment, AIS gained 395,600 net additions, to end on a total of 9,536,400 postpaid subscribers.


At the end of Q2 2020, DTAC's total active subscriber base fell to 18.8 million, a decline of 835,000 from the end of Q1. Prepaid subscriber dropped with 757K to 12.7M, while postpaid dropped by 78K to 6.1M.

TrueMove H

Thailand’s mobile operator and quasi MVNO (Hybrid) TrueMove H, ended Q2 with a total subscriber base of 30.16 million, of which 9.01M were postpaid and 21.15M were prepaid.

Mobile Subscribers Thailand H1 2019


CAT Telecom

As of June 2020, the state enterprise operator CAT Telecom and its MY CAT mobile service - had a total of 2,882,829 active SIMs (Prepaid 2,739,700 and Postpaid 143,129), down by 68.290 SIMs from end of 2019 (2,951,119)

CAT Telecom mobile subscribers June 2020



TOT was the only one, among the state enterprise operators and MVNOs who saw growth. It had a total of 409,863 active SIMs (Prepaid 318,384 and Postpaid 91,479) in June 2020, an increase of 108.426‬ SIMs compared to the 301,437 it had at the end of 2019. Especially TOT’s “Covid-19 work from home” offer of THB 66,- for full speed unlimited 4G data - was a hit. 

TOT mobile subscribers June 2020


MVNO Penguin

The MVNO Penguin SIM by the company Whitespace, ended the first half of 2020 on 33,066 active SIMs, down by 2.974 from the 36,040 it had at the end of 2019. Although the numbers remain steady, hovering around 33,000 it is far from the 603,199 active SIMs it had in 2018.

MVNO Penguin subscribers June 2020


MVNO iKool3G

Loxley’s MVNO iKool3G remained steady in the low end - but took a dive in the month of June, to end on 2,258 active SIMs.

MVNO iKool3G subscribers June 2020


MVNO Feels

Newcomer MVNO Feels, who launched its service in early 2019 and so far peaked in July 2019 with 54,028 active SIMs - took a hit in the first months of 2020 going from 44,548 active SIMs in January to 35,015 in February. The second hit was in May/June 2020 when it went from 33,610 active SIMs in April to 19,134 in May and ended June on just 8,277 active SIMs.

MVNO Feels subscribers June 2020

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