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Google shares insight into smartphone adoption and usage in Thailand

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Google shares research on the smartphone users and usage behavior in Thailand Google shares research on the smartphone users and usage behavior in Thailand Google Our Mobile Planet
Unless you have been living in a telephone booth the last couple of years you have noticed the growing adaption of smartphone users in Thailand who are becoming increasingly reliant on their devices.

Our Mobile Planet is a global research study commissioned by Google and conducted by independent third party research firms Ipsos MediaCT and TNS Intratest with the goal of gaining insights about smartphone adoption and usage by Thai consumers.

Research Methodology used in Thailand:

  • In partnership with Ipsos MediaCT, a total of 1,000 Thai online users 18-64 years of age who identified themselves as using a smartphone to access the internet were interviewed.

  • The distribution is according to a national representative study and the data is weighted on age, gender, region, brand of smartphone, mobile internet usage frequency and tablet usage.

  • A smartphone is defined as "a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality or ability to download apps"

  • Respondents were asked a variety of questions around device usage, mobile search, video, social, web and commerce behavior and mobile advertising.

  • Interviews were conducted during Q1 2013.

Note! Smartphone penetration in Thailand Q1 2013 was 31% 
Also note that 67% of the respondents are from urban areas while only 5% are from rural areas

The research provides insight into the Thais smartphone consumers use of search, video, social and email behavior, as well as mobile research and purchase intentions. Here are some of the highlights.

65% of the respondents have used their smartphones every day in the past 7 days and 56% of them don’t leave home without their device. Smartphones have become so important to Thai 35% of the consumers that they would rather give up TV than their smartphone.

The device is a major access point for information gathering with 73% searching via their smartphones every day.


Popular searches

  • Product Info 67%
  • Travel 67%
  • Job Offers 57%
  • Restaurants, Pubs & Bars 55%
  • Apartments, Housing info 45%


Activities on the smartphone

  • 84% Surf the Internet
  • 80% Play games
  • 80% Listen to music
  • 80% Sent or read e-mail
  • 80% Access a social network (e.g. updated a status message, checked messages or friends' pages)
  • 79% Watch videos on a video sharing website
  • 72% Read websites blogs or message boards
  • 55% Read news on newspaper, magazines or portals


App Usage

  • On average the respondents had 21 apps installed with an average of 4 purchased/paid apps.


Thai Smartphones users are avid video watchers

  • 96% watch video
  • 53% use video at least once a day


Perhaps not surprisingly they are also frequent social networkers

  • 98% visit social networks
  • 82% visit at least once a day


Multi-tasking with Other Media

  • 54% use the smartphone while also listening to music…
  • 50% while using the Internet
  • 45% while watching TV
  • 30% while watching movies
  • 18% while playing video games
  • 18% while reading a book
  • 17% while reading magazines/newspapers


Local search and information

  • 95% of the surveyed Thai smartphone users have looked for local information and…
  • 94% have researched a product or service on their phone
  • 90% have taken action as a result
  • 78% look for local information at least once a week
  • 51% look for local information daily


Action taken

  • 56% visited the website of the business or service
  • 30% visited a business (e.g. shop or restaurant)
  • 28% looked the business up on a map or got directions to the business or service
  • 29% Read or wrote a review about a business or service
  • 26% made a purchase from a business online
  • 22% called the business or service
  • 21% made a purchase from a business in-store
  • 12% recommended a business or service to someone else


Smartphones as shopping companions

  • 31% said they have changed their mind about purchasing a product or service online as of a result of information that they gathered using their smartphone.

  • While 30% said they have changed their mind about purchasing a product or service in a shop as of a result of information that they gathered using their smartphone.


Research that starts on smartphones leads to purchases across channels

  • 60% researched on smartphone and then purchased via computer
  • 48% researched on smartphone and then purchased it offline Mobile shoppers
  • 51% of smartphone users have purchased a product or service on their smartphone (Excluding apps)
  • 72% of these smartphone shoppers have made a purchase in the past 30 days.
  • 70% make mobile purchases at least once a month


Barriers to mobile shopping

  • 40% think the screen size is too small
  • 37% don’t trust credit card security on mobile device
  • 30% think it is too hard to compare prices and options
  • 27% think it is too hard to type
  • 27% said it takes too much time to open the web site page
  • 24% said they cannot see detailed product/service information
  • 23% are not used to smartphone interface


Offline Ad exposure leads to mobile search

  • 81% have performed a mobile search after seeing an ad on TV
  • 81% after seeing an ad in a shop or business
  • 68% ad in magazines
  • 64% from poster or billboard ads.


You can learn more about Our Mobile Planet project as well as create your own charts from smartphone adoption usage across 48 countries here.


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