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Firefox OS Smartphone launches in Spain tomorrow for U$90

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ZTE Open running Firefox OS launches in Spain for U$90 ZTE Open running Firefox OS launches in Spain for U$90 Telefonica
The ZTE Open phone will launch via Telefónica in Spain and the price includes $39 of airtime credits for prepaid customers and a 4GB microSD card. Telefonica plans to offer more Firefox devices and will also offer the ZTE Open in Colombia and Venezuela in the coming weeks.

It is expected that Deutsche Telekom will release the ALCATEL One Touch Fire, running the Firefox OS in Poland next, while the Norwegian telecom group, Telenor, announced last months that they also will be releasing Firefox phones in Norway, Serbia, Montenegro, and Hungary in the second half of 2013 while for the next wave the offering is to stretch out to Asian markets, providing ultimately all of the group’s customer’s access to smartphones.

A tweet from Firefox twitter account said, “Firefox OS arrives this month in select markets! Celebrate the 1st smartphone powered completely by Web technologies.”

Growth potential in emerging markets

José María Álvarez Palette, Chief Operating Officer of Telefónica said, “We believe that smartphones need to be more open and that the Web is the platform for making this possible. Consumers should not be locked to any one system but have the choice to consume the content they want and the flexibility to be able to take it with them when they change devices.This week marks a key turning point for the industry as we launch the first commercial Firefox OS devices in Spain. This is just the beginning as we bring Firefox OS to more and more of our markets across an expanding range of smartphones.”

The first Firefox OS-based phones from ZTE and Alcatel are entry-level smartphones entering a market that is dominated by Android low-end smartphones and to some extent Nokia. The growth potential in emerging markets is high, and Firefox is aiming at this segment in the first phase, by offering a competitive alternative.

However, payment options will be an important enabler for customers to get access to paid content and applications. In many of the Asian markets there is limited use of credit cards, hence operator or other billing mechanisms is needed as efficient alternatives.

“We are planning to expand the Firefox OS footprint to Asia next year. We are already in discussions with some of the Asian business units, trying to build a great smartphone offering to our customers,” says Frode Vestnes, who heads the Open Web Device project team.

Firefox OS tablet?

In addition to ZTE and Alcatel, Device Vendors such as Sony, LG, and Huawei have also signed up to develop and deliver smartphones running the Firefox OS. Allegedly Mozilla also has a Firefox OS tablet on the way. According to a press release sent out in early June, Foxconn and Mozilla will collaborate on numerous devices (mobile, tablet, lap top, TV, etc) using the HTML5-based Firefox OS.

ZTE Open Features

  • 3.5-inch HVGA TFT touchscreen display with 480 x 320 pixel resolution
  • 1GHz single-core Snapdragon processor
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 512MB of internal storage
  • 3.2-MP Camera
  • FM Radio

Firefox-OS-Homescreen-small  Firefox OS grid-small

Firefox OS Features

Firefox OS smartphones are the first devices powered completely by Web technologies. Firefox OS includes the standard features people expect from a smartphone; calls, messaging, email and camera. It also includes built-in social features with Facebook and Twitter, HERE Maps with offline capabilities, a new ability to discover one-time use and downloadable apps via the Firefox Marketplace and of course the much-loved Firefox Web browser.

But the Firefox OS also features a brand new concept for smartphones – an adaptive app search that literally transforms the phone to meet your needs at any moment, without the need to download anything. Simply swipe to the right on your Firefox OS phone and start to type what you are interested in to get a whole new customized phone experience based on your needs instantly.

For example, search for your favorite music artist and get results to buy your favorite song, concert tickets or even listen to your favorite song instantly.

With the Firefox OS phones comes Firefox Marketplace, which unleashes HTML5 apps on mobile. The Firefox Marketplace currently includes apps such as AccuWeather, EA games like Poppit, Facebook, Nokia HERE Maps, SoundCloud, Terra, Time Out, TMZ and Twitter as well as personally tailored and local apps that will differ by region.

“The launch of Firefox OS marks an incredibly exciting time for the Web. Firefox OS powers the first smartphones built entirely on Web technologies and will stimulate an inspiring new wave of innovation for the Web,” says Jay Sullivan, Mozilla Chief Operating Officer.

ZTE Open and Firefox OS Videos



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