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Download our free 2Q 2013 Thailand Mobile Market Information

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Download our free 2013 Thailand Mobile Market Information Download our free 2013 Thailand Mobile Market Information
We have put together some figures, tables, information and statistics about the Thai Mobile Market that you might find interesting. The PDF is available to download for free.

The free report includes:

  • Thailand’s Mobile Subscriber Growth: 2008 - 2Q 2013
  • Thailand’s Mobile Penetration: 2008 - 2Q 2013
  • Mobile Service Usage: 4Q 2011 – 2Q 2013
  • Mobile Operator Market Shares: 2Q 2013
  • AIS Highlights from 2Q 2013
  • DTAC Highlights from 2Q 2013
  • Blended ARPU
  • Mobile Internet usage in Thailand
  • Thailand’s Mobile user’s consumption and more…

Available for free (See download link below) or on Slideshare

Download attachments:

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