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Tough year ahead for Digital TV in Thailand

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Tough year for Digital TV in Thailand Tough year for Digital TV in Thailand Yozzo
Although Thailand’s Broadcasting Commission (NBTC) handed out 13.5 million free digital TV coupons to Thai households in 2014 and 2015, only 8.5 million redeemed the coupons.

Last week the NBTC approved plans for giving away another 11 million coupons. Eligible households for the new lot include residences with tenants, and households of government and state enterprise officials.



After much delay, NBTC started distributing 4,645,495 coupons in October 2014 to 21 provinces. The first lot saw only 63% redeem the coupons.

 digital TV coupons Thailand distributed


On 21 may 2015 the last lot of the initial 13,571,296 coupons was distributed ending up with 8,540,317 re-deemed and 5,030,979 un-redeemed.

Digital TV Coupons Thailand redeemed


Talat Pho (ตลาดโพธิ์) and Bu Pho (บุโพธิ์) in Burinam province was the top redeemers with 97% having re-deemed their coupons. While in Khao Phang (เขาพัง) only 3 out of 823 coupons for that area was re-deemed.

Digital TV Coupons Thailand top and bottom


Despite the coupon scheme, the regulator allowed the old popular analog TV channels to continue multicasting their channels on the old analog net and the new DVB-T2 net.

As expected, this caused a slow uptake in sales of digital set-top boxes and TVs and thereby viewers to the new 24 digital terrestrial TV stations.

Analog vs digital TV Thailand



2015 was also the year where video-on-demand and OTT services made waves in Thailand first with the local providers PrimeTime, Doonung, DooDee and Hollywood HDTV, followed by Malaysian iFlix and Singaporean Hooq.

The market, especially the youth segment was the target, with 80% of Thailand’s 16-30 year olds spending up to 2 hours a day watching video on-demand and TV shows online

Video on demand OTT Thailand



In 2015 we said goodbye to: 258 satellite TV channels, 158 cable TV channels and 15 Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) channels. While 661 Cable/satellite/IPTV channels are still operational, 2016 will be another tough year for Thai TV.

There’s no doubt that the regulator has failed to regulate and support the development of digital TV business in Thailand, especially by allowing continues analog broadcasting.

However, the new digital TV stations can’t blame it all on the regulator. They need to adapt to challenges and demand, find their niche and spread their content across other services and devices

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